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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:20 AM

Seeing as dA is 14 years old and I've been on here for exactly half that, I figured I'd actually get down and figure out my origins on dA.

I can never remember how I really discovered dA, but I'm fairly certain it is one of these two options:
A) By complete accident whilst searching for Game art (which explains why several of my first ever favorites are game art/fan art)
B) Through a friend I used to constantly chat to on MSN back in the day when everyone had it, and they had an account on here. No idea what happened to them as we've lost contact.

The rest, as they say, is history!

Speaking of which, the first photo I ever uploaded is this craptastic photo1  uploaded in 2007 from the MPH Car show in Birmingham, UK. From then it was a brief burst of car pictures, before cementing my fate as a landscape/nature photography with this photo of the Scottish highlands2  from when I was 16 and on a week holiday with a few friends. I found it more enjoyable to go outside and photograph what was around me/what I could see. 

Since then, it has been quite a mixed history of travelling and snapping photos wherever I ended up. Ranging from Russia in the midst of Winter3 at -15C  to something just over the water in mainland Europe 4 at the height of Summer and even a few miles from where I live 5 in the dead of night. It's not always been a pleasant journey, but it's certainly one where things have improved and I've grown as a photographer. I'm by no means a particularly brilliant shooter, but I'm happy with being the good side of average. :lol:

It has been quite the experience being on one site for 7 years, especially since some pretty serious changes have happened to both the site itself and to me as a person. I can still remember the really old, boxy layout and the free week trials of Premium membership! Along the way, I've met some pretty amazing people (GlynnRaynes , Dragriyu and tmpst24myst to name a few ) and forge some lasting friendships. I even bit the bullet and met a few of them for a weekend festival which proved to be unforgettably. They were total nerds tho, but they're alright |D

7 years is a long time, but I guess it's still part of the beginning. The ending has yet to be written, but I'll get there with the help of a camera, a mountain bike and a whole lot of luck.


1.  Saleen S7 by Wolfy-Westy
2.  Moutain range -1- by Wolfy-Westy
3.  Concrete jungle by Wolfy-Westy
4.  New beginning by Wolfy-Westy
5.  Passing through by Wolfy-Westy

:icondragriyu:  [C] Wraxall by Dragriyu

:iconglynnraynes:  THE most amazing idea.[01:55:23] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: YES
[01:55:28] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: BACK TO HAPPY LAND.
[01:55:45] Westy: YES
[01:55:57] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: Where rainbows duplicate into double rainbows.
[01:56:09] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: And rains skittles.
[01:56:31] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: And the rivers are chocolate.
[01:56:41] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: Maybe my imagination is just a little too much.
[01:56:42] Westy: Skittles?
[01:56:43] Westy: GOD
[01:56:50] Westy: And it hails M&Ms
[01:56:57] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: I AM FOR THIS.
[01:57:01] Westy: Chocolate rivers, that would work
[01:57:20] Westy: CAn we live in houses made of Sponge cake?
[01:57:29] Westy: Don'tcareifyousayno, iamlivinginoneanyway
[01:57:33] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: Though, I'd kind of dread the rain/hail in these con-- YES, YES WE CAN.
[01:58:06] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto: Think of how much it'd sting if it rained or hailed.
[01:58:14] Westy: SOD THAT
[01:58:19] Scythe Aiyoku Kesocto:


:iconspeculatingturtle: Just 'cause

Ride every mountain, shred every trail.

A Foreigner's Guide to Sarcasm

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 12, 2013, 2:19 AM

What is sarcasm?

Sarcasm is a somewhat 'English' trait. Whilst stereotypical, it is (for the majority) fairly accurate.

The dictionary definition is as follows;

1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

Sarcasm is saying something in an ironic fashion, often meaning the opposite of what is seen or said. It can sometimes be followed by air-quotes, rolling of the eyes or a slight 'snort' of amusement. Insulting someone using sarcasm isn't as common as just being ironic.

How do I use sarcasm?

It's very simple to use. You just take something that you don't like; the weather, being alone, being ill/fat/unfit etc

Then you replace the adjective with the opposite. If you 'hate something, it becomes 'love' and so on.

Roll your eyes for extra emphasis when you use the adjective.

Simple examples:
- "I just love being stuck in traffic"
- "I hate having so much money"
- "That's hilarious"

Other times, it is to make a statement of comment that means the opposite. What you see at face value isn't what the comment means: The entire sentence/phrase/comment is sarcastic.

Slightly more advanced examples:
- "Because you can't go to the gym without telling everyone"
  The above example is sarcastic because obviously you can go the gym without informing everyone, and although the sentence seems to state the opposite, the sarcastic nature in which it is expressed turns it into meaning the opposite: Can't = Can.
- "You really do know me so well"
The above example is sarcastic because the person doesn't know the other at all. The sarcastic nature in which it is said turns it into meaning the opposite. Really do = Really don't.

Advanced examples:
-  "No shit, Sherlock"
-  "Yeah, right"

How do I know sarcasm is being used?

If you know the person well, then you should be able to tell.

If you don't know the person, then it becomes slightly more difficult. However, if you aren't mentioned in the comment, or if it isn't directly aimed at you (as it would in a conversation), then you can be safe to assume it isn't about you and needn't worry.

But, if it is aimed at you, here are some tips to help detect the sarcasm:
- The person who said it is from the United Kingdom
- The sentence doesn't make sense ("I love being stuck in traffic" - 'But, no-one loves being stuck in... OH, I see')
- It doesn't fit with the previous conversation.
- Italics are used (sometimes, but not always)
- It seems somewhat insulting.
- You don't understand what they mean ("Yeah, because that makes total sense")
- Someone actually states they are being sarcastic.

If in doubt: ask!

You can either assume they are being sarcastic and roll your eyes in quite disbelief at such manners (tutting is optional), make a comment expressing you know they're being a bit cheeky ( Oh you! ) or chuckle at the display of humour.

Or get offended and make a scene. Although this isn't advised, especially if you're an adult. Someone said something mean sarcastically! -> Grow thicker skin.

What do I do if sarcasm is being used?

You have every right to be offended if someone uses sarcasm near, or to, you. After all, nothing happens when you are offended. It varies from person to person. Whether you choose to act on that is your decision. But remember: acting on it might cause you to be more offended.

If the sarcasm isn't aimed at you; just ignore it. If you assume it is aimed at you, then you should probably stop assuming it. Especially if you don't know the people using it. That'd be like hearing a group of strangers talking when you're on public transport or in a public place and assuming they are talking about you. There's a slim chance they might be, but it's probably safe to assume they're talking about something more important.

Can I use sarcasm?

Of course!

This was made to be used/linked to on dAmn. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek but informative all the same |D


Ride every mountain, shred every trail.



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